I went for the first time on Sunday June 4 and all I can say is WOW! It was awesome!

Nina Slaughter Manning

Great Mothers day celebration today at The Church at the Cross on Dairy Ashford. Pastor Teague preached from John3:22-36. The Antidote.
We need time with Christ alone. Jesus always have ti me for us. You have something and somebody is praying to God to have what you have.As born again Christians, we have access to God.
MY TAKE. We thank God for this week. The next week is going to be one of deliverance, restoration and expectation. God will quench our test with His Living Water. God will send down his healing rain.
Happy Sunday


I have visited other churches but this one really like...no fashion show request for a specific dollar amount...honestly come as you are and receive the word....thank you pastor Johnny!!

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