About Church at the Cross
Values, Mission, Purpose and Principles

Core Values
But you, man of God,…pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness. I Timothy 6:11

To know Christ and make him known.

To be a church where people are maturing as men and women of God, lifting up the Cross of Jesus Christ through worship, discipleship, giving, and evangelism.

Guiding Principles
Our Core Values, Mission and Purpose will be accomplished by our focus on the four principles which are essential to becoming a Man of God:
1. Fleeing from the love of money and material things

2. Fighting the spiritual battle for the hearts and minds of those around us as we make Jesus Christ known

3. Taking hold of eternal life as we come to know Christ

4. Making our good confession of the truth in Jesus Christ’s gift of love and salvation through the Cross

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