Holy Bible
We believe in the Holy Bible

Church at the Cross holds to the Bible, which is also called the Holy Scriptures and the written Word of God, as the foundation and sole spiritual source of all we believe. We further believe that the writings contained in the Holy Bible as it was canonized over 1600 years ago by the early church are the inspired and complete Word of God and are the only revelation to modern man of God’s true doctrine, admonition, instruction, and prophecy. Therefore, we are continually searching the Scripture to understand his truth and his purpose for our individual lives, and his direction and spiritual provisions for our corporate church body.

Baptist Faith
Southern Baptist Convention Affiliation

We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, and as such we concur with the statement of faith of this voluntary association of independent churches, which was last published as the Baptist Faith and Message in 2000. Although our worship services and church organization are non-traditional, we are basically “conservative” in what we believe, including our belief in the Deity of Jesus Christ. 

The Baptist Faith and Message – 2000

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity. We believe in his virgin birth; his death, burial and physical resurrection on the third day; his atoning work through his death on the cross as a complete propitiation for all the sins of mankind.

We believe that Jesus gave to all true believers, the Church Universal, the gift of his Holy Spirit (who is the third person of the Trinity) who indwells us and is the source of empowerment to live holy and extraordinary lives. We believe that this essential gift of the Holy Spirit began on the Day of Pentecost and continues to the present day. We believe that Jesus Christ’s ultimate return will happen in fulfillment of the prophecies given in the Bible.

We believe the Bible teaches that salvation leading to eternal life comes when an individual reaches a point of repentance from their personal sins, with an associated act of their will to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior through faith. We believe the Bible teaches that as true believers we are created for good works which God will perform in and through us as a natural by-product of our salvation, such as following Christ’s example of baptism by immersion. We also believe that eternal life in Christ is not a temporary or conditional state, but that the Bible teaches a true believer’s salvation is sealed with God’s promise and protection and will not be taken away – it is eternally secure. We are also pursuing “liberality” of giving and caring for people of all walks and circumstances of life. Church at the Cross welcomes all people with open arms based on Scriptural admonition that the Lord’s Church comprises people of all nations, races and ethnicity.

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